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The beginnings

We have had dogs for more than 30 years. Our first dog, an Old English Sheepdog, was a dream come true for us. Although we had some prior experience with dogs we were not aware of the importance of taking certain precautions when purchasing a very popular pedigree dog. After spending only two years with this fantastic bobtailed-boy he died from hereditary epilepsy.

Because of this tragic loss we decided that our next dog would be a farm-bred crossbreed. We assumed that if the dog was a mixed breed there would be no problems with genetic diseases, it would be robust and strong and live a full, healthy life. We were wrong. Two months later he died from parvovirus which he had already contracted while living at the farm.

When we acquired our un-pedigreed purebred Great Dane we were very lucky. We will always miss the ten wonderful years we spent with our strong, easy-going companion. He taught us a lot about the human-dog bond and gave us a lasting impression of what that relationship should be.

The Magyar Agar

In 2005, several months after our Great Dane passed away, we were again looking for a new dog. We wanted a family dog that was calm, easy to handle, adaptable, that got along well with other dogs and was relatively active – a dog that could go on long walks over varied terrain alongside riders on horseback. We wanted a dog of a more uncommon breed; a dog that was healthy, strong-minded and free of genetic disease – a dog for everyday life.

All of the traits we were looking for we found in the MAGYAR AGAR, the national sighthound of Hungary. After all these years we have never regretted our decision and now share our home with three MAGYAR AGARS. We strongly believe that once you’ve had an MAGYAR AGAR you will be addicted to this breed for life!

Daily life

The MAGYAR AGAR is the perfect family dog, and loves spending time with its owners. All of our dogs are family members and live with us in the house. For the lovers of the breed they are easy to handle and are very adaptable to new situations. Neither skittish nor fearful, the MAGYAR AGAR remains calm around large crowds of people, whether it’s at a dog show or the shopping mall.

While they do watch carefully over their homes and family they are never aggressive towards visitors.

Leisure and sports

The MAGYAR AGAR is also a great sporting dog. They love to go on long walks and hikes, or to trot alongside a bicycle or horse. More than anything else, the MAGYAR AGAR loves to run, especially on sand or snow, and can even traverse through woods and other rugged terrain with ease.

The MAGYAR AGAR is a true sighthound and was originally used to hunt hare. As such, they have a lot of prey drive that varies in intensity depending on the situation. When in a pack, their natural tendency to chase other animals increases. Therefore, it is always advisable to keep your MAGYAR AGAR on a leash when deer, hare and other potential prey animals are nearby.

As quickly as they can run around on a hike they can also turn into complete couch-potatoes. MAGYAR AGAR love to cuddle up and sleep on the sofa for hours on end, provided that they will be guaranteed a chance to exercise at some point during the day.Our MAGYAR AGAR participate in racing and lure coursing events as well as dog shows. Before we got our MAGYAR AGAR we did not participate in any of these activities, but we soon found out how much fun our dogs have at these events.

Although we do like to devote part of our leisure time to their favourite activities, we are not slaves to our dogs. The time we spend with our dogs is a joy for us as well as them. We do not consider our dogs to be toys or objects meant just for our entertainment. They are a very important part of our lives and reflect who we are as people.

Extraordinary dogs

The MAGYAR AGAR is a rugged, confident, proud, fast and elegant dog. These characteristics are evident whenever the dogs play, run, hunt and even when they happily fall asleep afterward. Their personalities and antics always put a smile on our faces and fill our lives with endless joy.