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Pusztakönig's Csodalatos

Csoda, our "foundling" has been part of the familiy since May 2009. After the death of his owner, Norbert Fimm of Pusztakönig Kennels, we naively agreed to give him a new home, not knowing what to expect. Csoda turned out to be the highlight of the year and exceeded all of our expectations. After all he has been through we have never met a dog that showed such vitality and resilience.

He welcomes every new day with open arms and is a truly happy dog. Without fear or hesitation he quickly integrated himself into the pack.

Always wearing a smile on his face, Csoda is a real charmer and knows how to please, but his passion in life is the thrill of the chase, whether it be at racing or lure coursing events.

Awards 2010:

1st Int. Race Landstuhl (D) – CACIL
1st Int. Race Kleindöttingen (CH)
1st Int, Coursing Galtür (A)
4th European Coursing Championship Chardonnay (F)

Results for the racing/coursing season 2009

Racing License June, 2009

1st Int. Derby Rotterdam (NL)
1st Int. Rotterdam (NL)
1st Int. Sachsenheim (D)
3rd Isaszeg 770 m (HU)

Track record Rotterdam (NL), Isaszeg 770 m (HU)

Dog shows
Friedichshafen (D): CAC, CACIB, BOB, Bodensee-Sieger 2009

Csoda's pedigree