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Betcha Katcha Nookie

Betcha Katcha Nookie was our very first MA. She was bred by Friederike and Karl of Betcha-Katcha Kennels We admit that we were initially attracted to her as a puppy because of her beautiful red color, but after several visits with her at the breeder's kennel we were sure that she was the dog for us. At that time, we had no intentions of participating in racing or dog shows and we had never even heard of lure coursing. It was by chance that we found out how much Nookie loves to race and course; all she wants in life is a chance to run. Just the sight of the "hare" is all it takes to turn our poster child couch-potato into araving maniac. Whether she's on the race track or the coursing field Nookie continues to amaze us with her unfailing dedication and skill. At the same time she's also the perfect companion and therapy dog; she is confident, calm, even-tempered and the top dog in our pack.

Awards 2010:

Int. FCI Racing Champion
1st Int. Coursing Inzing (A) – CCLA
2nd and Best-of-Day Int. Coursing Neustift (A)
2nd Int. Race Kleindöttingen (CH) - CACIL
4th European Coursing Championship Chardonnay (F)

Results for the racing/coursing season 2009:

1st and CACIL FCI Coursing Eurpameisterschaft Marianske Lazne (CZ)
2nd and resCACIL Int. Coursing Neustift (A)
2nd and resCACIL Int. Coursing Marianske Laszne (CZ)

1st Int. Sandbahn Champion
1st Rheinpokal Kleindöttingen (CH)
2nd and CACIL Int. Gelsenkirchen (D)
2nd Int. Sachsenheim (D)
3rd Int. Derby Rotterdam (NL)
3rd Int. Rotterdam (NL)
4th Isaszeg (HU) – 770 m

Track record Kleindöttingen (CH) and Sachsenheim (D)

Nookie's pedigree