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Champion of Ireland

Wir bekamen Post von Agnes, der Besitzerin von Barbarossas wunderschöner Schwester: und wir freuen uns sehr!

The long-awaited day has just come! Szelek Királya Biancolell became the Champion of Ireland!!!


In line with the rules laid down by the Irish Kennel Club FCI, she won 7 shows, claiming a Green Star title (CAC equivalent) and BOB titles on each of them!

In addition, she won the titles of CACIB 4x in Ireland and CACIB 2x in the Netherlands, thus starting the road to obtaining the title of C.I.B. Leyla is an extremely balanced, open to people Hungarian Greyhound, she is a caring for little Italian Greyhounds and a friend of Bazyl her border collie.

She is a dream come true for me. She is very attached to me and at the same time independent as befits a greyhound. I love her very much and I am very proud of her!

Lucky Seven!

Alles Gute zum 7. Geburtstag dem Y-Wurf wünscht Yamiro im Namen der ganzen Crew all seinen Geschwistern in Nah und Fern!