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Keep on running

Every year on April, 21th we have our traditional hiking tour which takes us up the mountains near by. Still, there is a lot of snow and the dogs enjoy it to the full. Exspecially Nookie who celebrates her 7th birthday today. Happy birthday to all the Betcha Katcha N’s and keep on running!

Beauty & Performance Sárvár (HU)

Congratulations to our nice, Cserhegyi Ejha, the winner of Sárvár – well done little tiger!

CAC Coursing results:

1. Cserihegyi Ejha
2. Aranyagi Utonallo Fabula
3. Kucorgo Dombi Fodorka
4. Csíkos Jaguar Teti
5. Rodsza
6. Aranyagi Utonallo Galagonya
7. Aranyagi Utonallo Gracia
8. Aranyagi Utonallo Fama
9. Kucorgo Dombi Estike
10. Cserihegyi Emlek
Pannon Oriental Alom verl.

1. Varvitez Szellő
2. Kucorgo Dombi Galoca
3. Kucorgo Dombi Gerbics
4. Cserihegyi Elfogod
5. Repülj Feketerigo
6. Repülj Felleg

CAC Show results – Judge: Vlatislav Vojtek (SK)

Pannon Oriental Alom VG1
Aranyagi Utonallo Gracia VG2

Cserihegyi Emlek VG1
Cserihegyi Ejha VG 2
Aranyagi Utonallo Galagonya VG 3

Aranyagi Utonallo Fabula VG1

Kucorgo Dombi Fodorka VG1

Vakvagta Jomadar VG
Repülj Felleg G
Cserihegyi Elfogod EX, CAC, BOB

thank you for the pic-copyrights Bernadett Nagy and Rita Korpas!