Archiv für März 2012

Enyoj the weekend!

Back from an impressive weekend trip we have some pics and news in our pockets:
On sunday we took part in the start up for the lure coursing season in Spitzerberg/Austria: Lots of friends we met, lots of excellent runs we saw. Mostly interesting for us of course the Magyar Agar who did really great jobs and it was a pleasure to seem them run! Really good hunts and wonderful teamwork at a very technical terrain with really hard turns. All of Magyar Agar were very high scored with points in the 180ees. But with outstanding performance, exspecially in the final run, the Aranyagi Utonallo girls, Galagonya and Fenyves who got highest points of 193/191 of 200. Wow! This makes us of course very proud – such result is very rare – although the dogs dont care – they are only interested in hunting 🙂
Successful also Csoda who was shown at international dog show in Nitra (SK): very nice critis and BOB was given to him under hungarian judge Laszlo Erdös.

Results Int. Coursing Spitzerberg – Judges: Kühne (CH), Rahms (D)
1. Aranyagi Utonallo Galagonya, CACIL
2. Aranyagi Utonallo Fenyves, CCLA
3. Aranyagi Utonallo Gracia, resCACIL
4. Betcha Katche Nookie
5. Pusztakönig’s Csodalatos
6. Devaj Rokolya

Thank you FCW-coursing team for the very good organization! Pic copyrights @ Nici Faschingeder